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Key Partners

A unique collaboration between the most respected companies in Myanmar and the world.

Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd.

Mitsubishi Corporation

Hongkong Shanghai Hotels Ltd.

First Myanmar Investment Ltd.

Mitsubishi Estate Company Ltd.

International Finance Corporation

Asian Development Bank

Westin Hotels and Resorts


"We have been working together for years. There are over 400 of us contributing expertise and idea leadership to good urban planning practice."

Sein Sein Nwe Senior Architect Yoma Central Project

“We believe that while developers build developments, it is people that make places, therefore we focus on a unique approach to place-making. Our role is to help provide world class capability within Yangon adding communal, strategic and commercial business value to the place we want to create.”

Stephen Purvis Head of Yoma Land

“Yoma Central's strength lies not only in its highest design standards, but also in its professional management, safety regulations, stringent corporate governance and transparency. Our partnership ensures that the project strictly adheres to corporate rules and acts independently to ensure proper conduct and creating shared value.”

Thida Aung Deputy General Manager, Yoma Central