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A vision for Social Sustainability

As part of our wider vision for the future of Yangon, Yoma Central is investing in our neighbourhood and making sure that everyone will benefit from this landmark city develpment.

We believe that by supporting our local communities, Yoma Central can become a beacon of hope for residents right across Yangon, enriching the real cultural and social fabric that underpins this great city.


Engineered for Environmental Excellence

Environmental Compliance Certified

Yoma Central has undertaken a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and was awarded its Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) in 2019.

Getting the Environmental EDGE

Yoma Central has adopted IFC EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) as a sustainability standard for green design and construction principles.

Passive design features

Using low E glazing windows to reduce solar heat gain, the development will utilize natural day light and ventilation to minimize energy consumption.

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Social Sustainability Projects