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Yoma Central December 2020 Newsletter Update

Yoma Central December 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Investors and Partners,

This month has been an optimistic one for the Yoma Central team. We have scored one Asia-Pacific wide and three local awards, you can read more about them in the newsletter. Awards are not everything, but they do generate international notice. This is particularly important now for attracting international retail brands and businesses. While this challenging year is coming to an end, we are keeping Yangon relevant and in focus.

I would like to take an opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season. Enjoy a Christmas full of joy, laughter and happiness and may the New Year bless you with good health, wealth, and success. Stay safe Yangon!

Stephen Purvis
Head of Yoma Land

Updates from the construction site

We’ve made astounding progress on the Yoma Central construction site since re-opening in late September. Even under strict safety measures we are maintaining steady productivity, The Peninsula Residences Yangon tower (Tower 1) has been growing at a rate of 4 floor slabs a month and will soon reach the 21st floor. Runner up is Westin Yangon (Tower 2) with 7 floor slabs completed just over 2 months, which represent an average of 3.5 floor slabs per month.

Tower 1 – The Peninsula Residences Yangon
Tower 1 – The Peninsula Residences Yangon
Tower 1 – The Peninsula Residences Yangon

Tower 1’s slabs have now reached level 20. Level 21 has commenced, planned completion is scheduled for 17 December 2020. MEP 1st fix is in progress on Levels 7 to 12. We have also installed most of the unitised façade panels on levels 6 to 10. Internal block works are proceeding on Levels 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 14.

Tower 1 L20 slab (T7-T9TA-TE), rebar installation work
Tower 1 L20 slab (T7-T9TA-TE), rebar installation work
Tower 2 – Westin Hotel

We have begun to work on Level 18. MEP 1st fix is in progress on Basement 1 Level through to Level 5. We have also initiated the facade unitised panel installation. The internal block works on from Basement 1 to Level 2 are currently in progress. At this moment the ID contractor is fully on board and is going through the documents and drawing submission process

Tower 2 L18 slab (15-19D-G), rebar installation work
Tower 2 L18 slab (15-19D-G), rebar installation work
Tower 3 & 4 – Offices

Tower 3’s slabs on Level 7 are in progress, whereas internal block works and MEP 1st fix are ongoing from Basement 1 Level to Level 4. At Tower 4, we have begun working on Level 11’s slabs. The internal block works are underway on Level 2 and MEP 1st fix is currently in progress on levels: Basement 1 to Level 4.

Tower 3 L 5 slab (GL 2-5N-Q), formwork installation work
Tower 3 L 5 slab (GL 2-5N-Q), formwork installation work
Energy Centre

Currently, MEP 1st & 2nd fix are still in progress on Level 1 up to 5. We are proceeding with chiller installation, while the cooling tower is scheduled to be delivered this month.

Design and Construction Innovations: Tomorrow’s Workplace

If you missed recent webinar, you can still watch the excerpts here. An one-hour long discussion on “Design and Construction Innovations: Tomorrow’s Workplace”, organised by the British Chamber of Commerce Myanmar in partnership with Yoma Central was held virtually on 25th, November. Head of Yoma Land, Mr. Stephen Purvis, participated as a speaker along with renowned designer Cecil Balmond and other international and local experts from the fields of architectural design, construction, corporate real estate development and leasing. As the webinar aimed to address mainly the innovation in corporate real estate, the panelists touched on tenant expectations in the digital era, technological advancements accelerated Covid-19 and the way organisation is prioritise.

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